Why I invested in Voxeet, the best API for live video.

Why I invested in Voxeet, the best API for live video.

In 2018, I believe many of our best moments will happen online.

With real-time video calling, we’re connecting with friends and family in a more meaningful way. We’re celebrating holidays, reconnecting with old friends and creating new memories from our phone.

And even though the experience is getting better, it still doesn’t compare to IRL. There’s distracting background noise, garbled noise and crosstalk (🤐).

What if we could add “same room” technology to make every video call feel real?

With Voxeet, developers can bring IRL quality video to any website, app or hardware integration.

Voxeet’s TrueVoice™ 3D audio and video technology provides a true surround sound experience and removes distractions like background noise.

With Voxeet’s API library, widgets and UX toolkit developers can easily add real-time communication such as live broadcasting, video calling and messaging to websites, applications and hardware integrations on iOS, Android and all web browsers.

I’m excited to join a great group of investors: Jason Lemkin & SaaStr Fund, John Kim (CEO of Sendbird), Nicolas Dessaigne (CEO of Algolia), Bill McGlashan the founder of TPG Growth, the Webex co-founder, an early investor of Skype and the CEO and CTO of Nexmo.

In the coming months, we’ll be focused on building the developer platform and community. I’d love to connect with founders working on APIs, PaaS, Dev Tools and CTOs working on consumer mobile and video applications.

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