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Hi friends,

It’s been a busy month as I continue to explore the new building blocks for consumer technology, which I call “the unbundling of cool.”

I’ve asked dozens of founders working on social apps, gaming and other consumer tech: When do you build vs. use an API or Platform as a Service? What technology do we need to make online feel more IRL?

Based on these conversations, I have a few updates:

  • Why I invested in Voxeet, the best API for live video
  • How I killed the phrase “I’m not curing cancer”
  • New CEO office hours: Summer School 

Why I invested in Voxeet, the best API for live video.

In 2018, I believe many of our best moments will happen online.

With real-time video calling, we’re connecting with friends and family in a more meaningful way. We’re celebrating holidays, reconnecting with old friends and creating new memories from our phone.

And even though the experience is getting better, it still doesn’t compare to IRL. There’s distracting background noise, garbled noise and cross-talk.

What if we could add “same room” technology to make every video call feel real? With Voxeet, developers can bring IRL quality video to any website, app or hardware integration.

Voxeet’s TrueVoice™ 3D audio and video technology provides a true surround sound experience and removes distractions like background noise.

With Voxeet’s API library, widgets and UX toolkit developers can easily add real-time communication such as live broadcasting, video calling and messaging to websites, applications and hardware integrations on iOS, Android and all web browsers.

I’m excited to join a great group of investors:
Jason Lemkin (SaaStr), John Kim (CEO, Sendbird), Nicolas Dessaigne (CEO, Algolia), Bill McGlashan (Founder, TPG Growth)

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How I killed the phrase “I’m not curing cancer” 

When my dad was a kid, he was diagnosed with leukemia. He dropped out of school, my grandmother quit her job and they moved across the country so he could get treatment at St. Jude.

My dad can tell you a million stories about his experience, but most are related to the board games he played, snacks he ate and friends he made. When you’re sick, you need distractions to keep your spirits up. My dad frequently says he wished he had video games.

Fast forward to early 90s. Due to years of cancer treatment, my dad needs a heart transplant. We waited a long time for a heart and ultimately my dad gets on the list for an artificial heart at UPMC. As a kid, I spent an entire summer in Pittsburgh.

The entire experience was scary. I sat for hours in waiting rooms and my only distraction was video games. I made friends with kids who were in a similar position to my dad. We played Mario for hours and as a result, I believe in video games, silly apps, etc.

As a founder, you may never know the impact you have on the lives of individual users. There is so much more to life than curing cancer. Anything that makes someone smile & feel better about their current situation is worth building.

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