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Learn from the fastest growing software companies through a series of expert talks and office hours.

Join leading experts from Airtable, Dropbox, Drift, Slack, Twilio and more for a full-day of sessions on SaaS Growth, Monetization, Sales and Customer Success.

Save the date: Thursday, February 21st in San Francisco

This event is for companies with traction and signals which indicate product market fit. It’s best suited for companies with at least $1M ARR.

Space is limited, but please note we will review each submission and follow up with next steps.

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Speakers include:



Guillaume Cabane, VP of Growth at Drift

G is a growth scientist, focused on marketing automation and personalization at scale. He’s an advisor to Madkudu, & more. Follow G: @guillaumecabane 






 Fareed Mosavat, Self-serve Product at Slack 

Fareed has led product and engineering teams at Zynga, RunKeeper, Instacart and Slack. He’s an active advisor on Product & GTM. Follow Fareed: @far33d







Clair Byrd, Enterprise GTM at Twilio 

Clair leads enterprise GTM, sales enablement and competitive intel at Twilio. Clair was previously Head of Marketing at InVision. Follow Clair: @theClairByrd 






Elena Verna, Product & Growth at Malwarebytes 

Elena leads marketing, design, growth, and product teams at Malwarebytes. Elena was previously SVP of Growth at SurveyMonkey. Follow Elena: @ElenaVerna 

Previous experts include executives from Atlassian, Dropbox, Zendesk & more. Want to get involved? Apply here

Topics we’ll cover:

    • Self-serve revenue
    • Pricing & packaging
    • Sales: inbound and outbound
    • Customer Success: churn, retention & customer programs


What are the requirements to attend? To qualify, startups should have signals which indicate product market fit. It’s best suited for companies with at least $1M ARR. Space is limited, but please note we will review each submission and follow up with next steps. Qualifying startups will be required to complete a 15 minute video interview prior to the event.

  • Will I be able to connect directly with the experts? Yes, startups will be connected directly with experts on the day of the event. Please note: this event is purely a learning opportunity. Any formal advising or investment opportunities will need to be arranged directly with the expert.
  • What if I’m not able to attend the event? Please fill out the application and let us know that you will not be able to attend this event in person. We will share notes following the event and try our best to connect you with relevant experts.

You’re not curing cancer (and that’s okay).

I recently had a very heartfelt conversation with a founder who is working on a new gaming company. As we were going through the pitch he said, “I’m not curing cancer.” This is a common lie that we tell ourselves. So I told him my story:

When my dad was a kid, he was diagnosed with leukemia. He dropped out of school, my grandmother quit her job and they moved across the country so he could get treatment at St. Jude.

My dad can tell you a million stories about his experience, but most are related to the board games he played, snacks he ate and friends he made. When you’re sick, you need distractions to keep your spirits up. My dad frequently says he wished he had video games.

Fast forward to early 90s. Due to years of cancer treatment, my dad needs a heart transplant. We waited a long time for a heart and ultimately my dad gets on the list for an artificial heart at UPMC. As a kid, I spent an entire summer in Pittsburgh.

The entire experience was scary. I sat for hours in waiting rooms and my only distraction was video games. I made friends with kids who were in a similar position to my dad. We played Mario for hours and as a result, I believe in video games, silly apps, etc.

As a founder, you may never know the impact you have on the lives of individual users. There is so much more to life than curing cancer. Anything that makes someone smile & feel better about their current situation is worth building.

This originally appeared on Twitter. Please follow @briannekimmel for more updates.