Here’s why perfectionism is killing our progress

Perfectionism is killing our progress. I’ve talked to 4 women this week who are “thinking about starting something,” but afraid to get an MVP live.

Here are some thoughts:   

If you have an early idea, but need help with an MVP: Y Combinator Leap, Dreamers//Doers and Women in Product are safe spaces to share ideas and get feedback from top product leaders and engineers.

Don’t overthink the MVP: Keep costs low. AWS, Hubspot, Zendesk all offer free tools and support for startups. For non-technical founders: Alyssa Ravasio built Hipcamp after learning how to code at a short dev bootcamp. Hackathons like Spectra and AthenaHacks are another way to get a low-cost MVP live.

Keep in mind: Other people are here to help. I’ve found this to be particularly true in SaaS.

In today’s environment, every SaaS company needs a partner integration strategy. Get your MVP live and get feedback from partnerships folks at other SaaS companies.

If you’re thinking about starting something (especially in SaaS), I want to hear from you.

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