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Since the launch of YC Leap, I’ve kindly asked women in tech who contact me via email/DM to move the conversation to Leap. This was a strategic decision to encourage women in my network to get more actively involved in the YC ecosystem. Here’s why:

YC has taught me everything I know about startups: how to build them, how to advise them and how to invest in them.

While we’ve all learned so much from Paul Graham over the years. Many people don’t realize we have Jessica Livingston to thank for the community.

YC alums are the most authentic and helpful people you’ll meet in tech. This is not coincidental, it’s because of @JessicaLivingston’s x-ray vision for character which Paul Graham describes here:

But historically the alumni network has been a walled garden. Bookface is private and alumni make time for other alumni.

Earlier this year, Cadran Cowansage built YC’s first open community for all women in tech. It’s a safe space for women to get advice from YC partners, alumnae, investors and peers.

Founders can ask anonymous questions including a recent example: “Co-founder expressed having feelings for me. Not sure how to proceed.”

Gender neutral advice such as “What is a reasonable founder salary after seed funding.” is more common.

As I dive deeper into SaaS and enterprise investing, I sadly have less time for advice emails and one-off coffees. So, please join YC Leap. You’ll meet awesome women like Holly Liu, Kat Manalac & so many more.

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