Building a better work life together.

With a new, specialized fund, our goal is to partner with founders at the earliest stages and provide more than just capital.

In the coming weeks, we’ll share more on our strategy, investments to date and growing community of designers, developers and friends of the firm.

But here’s a little preview of what’s been happening behind the scenes.

Our recent investments include:

  • Developer tools: collaborative coding environments, robust no-code solutions for developers and technical marketers and product managers and video game-like productivity tools.
  • Design tools: 2D animation tools, freemium photo and video editing tools that start with a better Instagram and scale into mobile friendly alternatives to expensive tools like Adobe.
  • Professional networks: a recommendation engine for finding freelancers and full-time employees for a specific skill or expertise, a social network for developers, a modern media company for female founders and more.
  • New platforms for launching a business: a creator platform for custom jewelry, a fully-customizable platform for launching your own subscription business.

We’re not just B2B (really), we love consumer but selectively look for opportunities where we can be most helpful:

While we love consumer, we typically look for signals that individuals will use your core technology to launch new companies, ship better features or improve their work life. 

We look for an open ecosystem where your technology will be used by developers and your core technology has the potential to become a new technology standard or operating system for your industry. 

ie: it’s difficult for us to invest in individual gaming studios given our fund size and commitment to LPs, however we’d love to find the next Unity or Roblox.  

For creator tools, we look for technology that starts with an early group of smaller creators, but ultimately delivers value for small to medium sized businesses.

ie: If you’re building the next Shopify, we’re most helpful if you plan to become the core technology for traditional retailers (Shopify Plus) and want to build an open ecosystem where new businesses will be built on top of your platform ie: customer support, shipping/logistics and other e-commerce services.  

For LPs, co-investors and finance folks, our official name is Work Life Ventures. 

We believe capital is a small piece of what we offer, so we invest flexibly from pre-seed to series A with an initial investment of $100,000 to $250,000.

For designers, developers and other friends of the firm, you can call us worklife. 

We like to keep things pretty casual: our emails are brief, events are worth your time and our companies are always hiring.

We believe the best career opportunities happen at the intersection of what you enjoy doing and where your work can have outsized recognition and impact on the business.

We believe that individual product designers and developers (yes, you and you alone) can have meaningful impact on the future of work by writing code and moving pixels for companies at the earliest stages.

When you think of workplace software, you probably think of Oracle, Salesforce and enterprise giants with pretty poor product design.

With your help, we’re here to change that. 💪

While many enterprise companies use stick figures and humans of flat illustrations, we prefer to use photos of real people.

Our logo looks like this  

It’s Regola Pro. You’re welcome to use it and change the color of the dot. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more from our growing team including our new additions to the team: our first Engineer and Editor.

More to come!

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