Brianne Kimmel is the founder and managing partner of Work Life Ventures.

Business Insider recently named Brianne a top angel investor that every startup should know alongside Ellen Pao and Cyan Bannister.

People spend 1/3 of their lives at work.

Brianne has made it her life’s work to invest in founders who are reimagining work through better tools, benefits and services, and the creation of new classes of work.

Some focus areas include:

Bottom-up SaaS technology that starts as a tool that an individual employee or freelancer uses on an ongoing basis and expands to friends, colleagues and teams over time.

Brianne calls this BYOT as employees bring their favorite tools to work, discover new tools at work and use them for weekend projects, side hustles and take them to their next role.

Low code/no codeI believe in removing technical barriers that stop everyday people from starting their own business.

Brianne previously worked on the go-to-market team at Zendesk focused on bottom-up growth, technology integrations and built Zendesk for Startups.

Brianne discovered her love for SaaS as the Head of Social Media at Expedia leading paid acquisition, customer support and community.

Today, she runs an invite-only program called SaaS School for startup founders to learn from the fastest growing companies like Airtable, Drift, Dropbox, Slack and more.

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